Ok, so I copied it on to here, it just aired but in case you missed it or you just want to read it here you go: oh and it is just a sneak peek!!! So not the entie thing.


Mackenzie: Chad Dylan Cooper

Audrey: Sonny Munroe

Trevor: Trevor

Chloe: Chloe

Episode: Water or Waiters

Audrey: Hello, may I take your order?

Mackenzie: I will take some of my family's water, Oh and who may you be?

Audrey: Oh, I'm Audrey, I'm new here..

Mackenzie: Would you like to sit down for a while? Before I have to get back to the Falls? (dramatic and look at the camera)

Audrey: Oh, I shouldn't I have to work so I can afford my school.

Mackenzie: Where are you going?

Audrey: I haven't heard yet and I'm starting tomorrow, but i am going to Mackenzie's school, the dude who own the falls. I heard he is a handsome guy...

Mackenzie: Yes I am. Please to meet you, I'm Mackenzie. And I own the Falls. (again dramatic)

Audrey blushes fiercly

Mackenzie: I'll see you tomorrow, Audrey.

Mackenzie winks at Audrey.

Scene Ends

So how did you like the script? This is just the first scene of the 6th season. This doesn't have much of the episode in it but I will write more of it when I get other episodes. I will most likely be putting in mine and Chad's parts.

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