Hey guys! Harper here with some more news from my sizzlin' blog! *laughs hysterically* What? You would've understood if you were there.

Waverly Place is really freaky and a few strange things happen to us daily. Most of them are pretty weird and I have the latest buzz on the greatest news, as I usually do because I'm so awesome. If you don't think I'm awesome, stop reading this blog, 'kay? Only the people who think or know that I'm awesome are allowed here!!! (Well, seeing as you're still reading this, I bet you're just going to ignore me... *sigh*)

Okay, so Alex, Justin (<3; not that I'm interested in him or anything, 'cause I have Zeke), and Max ignored their father's warnings about how fortunes are real for all wizards and they go to a fortune teller on the beach. What's the weird part? Their dad is apparently right and their fortunes begin to come true. Max's fortune was "You'll get a sweet surprise" and he ended up getting free ice cream on the beach, because the ice cream was named "Sweet Surprise". Justin's fortune said that he will attract a stranger, and he ended up getting noticed by a really ugly girl (fine, I'll admit that she was beautiful!) on the beach who gave him her number, which I think is highly dumb. (Not that I'm jealous, or anything. I have Zeke! And that'd just be juvenile.)

Anyway, the trio were really surprised when Alex's fortune tells her to "say goodbye to her life", and in order to reverse the fortune, Zelzar the fortune teller convinces Alex to let him out to spend a day at the beach. Max had to stay inside Zelzar's fortune telling box because Zelzar couldn't leave the fortune telling box without anyone there. When Zelzar found out that Max (inside the fortune-telling box, as Maxar) has been giving out weird fortunes like "Grow a beard and I'll let you join my beard club" and the people who asked fortunes from him wanted to get their money back, he resumes being the fortune teller because he had had a very good fortune-telling business for centuries. He took back Alex's fortune (he was going to give it to the next person who asks for a fortune). It turns out a little girl was the next to get the fortune, and she ended up winning one million dollars on the show "Say Goodbye To Your Life" which made Alex really frustrated. She vented to me for, like, ever.

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