So iCarly and Alex pelase read this!!! It's very important. Comment below for the people who are gonna be in the


A new pic from my new flitter!

Seattle Mandess hangout!!! (This is just for fun) So Sonny already told me in flitter she is coming!!! So the whole So Random! Alex, and Harper will go to Seattle! Let's have fun! Free food :)) Here is the list of people who are going:

  • Chad Dylan Cooper
  • Sonny Munroe
  • Tawni Hart
  • Grady Mitchell
  • Nico Harris
  • Zora Lancaster
  • Alex Russo
  • Harper Finkle
  • Carly Shay
  • Sam Puckett
  • Freddie Benson
  • Spencer Shay
  • Gibby Gibson

PEACE OUT EPICNESS! The Chad Dylan Cooper 07:25, May 19, 2011 (UTC)

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