So today Mr. Condor announced that MacKenzieFalls is gonna go back to start filming! WOOH! I'm extremely excited! Missed the cast! So last time we were filming MacFalls was like August 2010! So we filmed the past season (Season 5) like from December-August for the 26-episode MacFalls! And now they are airing the final 6 episodes and it's premiere week so we gotta film for Season 6 with 20 episodes. But I'll still be in So Random! unless Sonny's back in the studios already since I volunteered to be in So Random! So I made this blog to tell u guys that MacFalls will be back and watch it 8/7c and we filmed So Random! so go watch it June 5! And Sonny has been gone for months already! But now we finally started chatting well yeah! The Chad Dylan Cooper 03:10, May 16, 2011 (UTC)