Okay, so I added a bunch of userboxes to the userbox page. If you don't see your character, then please tell me. Right now, I finished the iCarly userboxes and I'm working on the HOA, Victorious, and Disney ones. Please, if the userbox applies to you, then ADD IT TO YOUR PAGE!!! I didn't make the userboxes to make the userbox page look pretty, I made them to make your userpage look pretty. But I didn't make all the userboxes and I don't wanna take all the credit, so lemme just say NeneG made the Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Nina userbox. I made all the rest (except the Stacey one, but I fixed it up and put the picture on).

Also, does anyone have a suggestion to improve the wiki? I'm not the creator and I'm not even an admin, but I do like improving wikis. Please say ANYTHING you want and I'll try the best I can to make it happen. :)