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    New Rule!!

    May 19, 2011 by SunriseDaisy

    I've decided to make a new rule. It's not difficult.

    The rule is just to add the category "Roleplay Blogs" to ever blog made by a roleplayer. I added the category to a few already but I may have missed some, so can you guys help me out?

    And it needs to be put on EVERY blog made by a roleplayer, not just the "Ask ______ a Question!" blogs. Those are on the Ask a Roleplayer page. If you use the account of one of your roleplayers, before you please "Publish," press the Add Category box and type in Roleplay Blogs.

    This rule is for organizational purposes. Please check all the blogs you have made (on your roleplay account) and add that category if not done so already.

    Thank chu. :)

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  • SunriseDaisy

    This blog is the official roleplay roster, as the other one by Rachim is a little out-dated and she doesn't go on here often so I thought I would make another one. Some spots that she had on there were not really taken so there are still tons of spots left.

    Remember: If you have one spot from one show, you can't have another spot from the same show, but you can have two different spots from two different shows.

    Make sure you have your roleplay account signed up or you won't be on this list! And you should also have your original account signed up here!

    The list below has:

    Roleplay Character (Roleplay Account) - Original Account

    Carly Shay (ICarlyShay) - Moonyandpadfoot007

    Sam Puckett (The Sam Puckett) - Roxas82

    Freddie Benson (It's Freddie Benson…

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  • SunriseDaisy

    Okay, so I added a bunch of userboxes to the userbox page. If you don't see your character, then please tell me. Right now, I finished the iCarly userboxes and I'm working on the HOA, Victorious, and Disney ones. Please, if the userbox applies to you, then ADD IT TO YOUR PAGE!!! I didn't make the userboxes to make the userbox page look pretty, I made them to make your userpage look pretty. But I didn't make all the userboxes and I don't wanna take all the credit, so lemme just say NeneG made the Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Nina userbox. I made all the rest (except the Stacey one, but I fixed it up and put the picture on).

    Also, does anyone have a suggestion to improve the wiki? I'm not the creator and I'm not even an admin, but I do like impr…

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