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What we have so far For Perminate spots


MusicManiac12323 is Carly (Maybe)

Roxas82 is Sam

Cameddie is Freddie

MagicBoots is Spencer

TenCents is Gibby

Lovin'Seddie is Reuben

MaryanHPotterFan98 is Melanie

SSMT is T-Bo (maybe?)

iLikeWaffles is Guppy

Jennettex3 is Shelby Marx

iLoveSeddie1234321 is Stacey Dillsen

Lovin'Seddie is Ms.Briggs

Kittygirl7878 is George the Bra

Churchpants is 'Mandy Valdez

itzxlucy is Brad

Jennetteswagg is Cort

Amythest444 is Nevel

Datonagirl is Mrs.Benson

GallagherZammieBlackthorne is Wendy

Rachim is Missy

Sam+Freddie=Seddie is Ashley (maybe?)

ObsessiveSeddieDisorder is Pam Puckett

HiRuKasumi is Brad


ICarlyRulez5101 is Robbie Shapiro

Arrows2010 is André Harris

ChaosRed is Jade West

ObsessiveSeddieDisorde is Cat Valentine

SeddiePWNS is Tori Vega

KatyKat20 is Trina Vega

KatyKat20 is Beck Oliver

Seddiegirl98 is Rex (maybe?)

SunriseDaisy is Sinjin

Double M is Sikowits

House of Anubis

Rachim is Nina Martin

Seddie Shipper is Patricia Williamson

Icarly2345 is Amber Millington

Seddie is love is Mara Jaffray

iLoveSeddie1234321 is Joy Mercer

NeneG is Mick Campbell

Good Luck Charlie

Purple xx is Teddy Duncan

SunriseDaisy is Skylar

Wizards of Waverly Place

iLoveSeddie1234321 is Alex Russo

Sonny with a Chance

Gelo Fabian is Chad Dylan Cooper

All other spots are open.