Hey guys! Sorry I have been gone for a while. It was becuz of Sinjin's laame party. But the good news is it got cancelled! HAHA. Well Sinjin didn't do anything. He just wanted to go to


Look how cute we are! But I hate him cheating on me!

Kenan's house and that's his weird party. He got "stunts" haha. So we got the chance to party and my very awesome friend, Kia video taped the whole thing! So it's posted in nickelodeon and was released like after we finished the party haha. Anyways, for some sort Jade forgot to dye her hair and so she has brown hair again haha. And she became soo tan cuz we all went to the beach last week and she sun bathed. So if you guys watched it, you must have seen everything. I'm both happy and sad cuz me and Steven broke up. I'm happy cuz we got revenge but sad cuz he's cute! I'm guessing he just wants to kiss and date girls. I hate him now but look how cute we are! Well that's all. Hope you enjoyed iParty With Victorious! For some sort, they made it iParty With Victorious and i loved it.

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