So since Thusday Carly was dating a boy named Steven. The next day, we find a pic of him and an awesome chick named Tori Vega. But we found out Steven is a cheater! But if Tori would date me, I would be in! Her

If I live in LA and Steven's gone, I want Tori, or should I say TOPI! AHAHA

cheekbones! Oh she's waaay hotter than Shelby Marx. I mean did u see her cheekbones! She's soo hot! But of course we have to go back to Seattle. Well she did give me a kiss on the cheek after the mash-up then Carly slapped me. Ugh. Anyways, I have no idea what happened to Shelby! Oh yeah, worldwide. Wish us luck on our lock-in this Saturday! And my arm wrestle match with Sam in 3 more daysss! Hope I win...Anyways, wait Sam don't I'm writing a blog post! No...

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