(Even though it's school time in philippines, icarly is set in Seattle) Hey guys! So it's summer and we'll be goin' to...HAWAII!!!!!!! Finally, a place where I can relax, just stay under the sun, swim, have fun, relax! Anyways, me, Carly, Sam, Spencer, and Gibby will go there for a vacation and this iCarly Autograph stuff like once a week so 4 times. It'll be done every Saturday! So watch out! But it's gonna be SO hot there. Anyways, now me, Carly, and the others are in a cruise going to Hawaii but of course we're here to party and just hang out. Tomorrow we'll be in Hawaii to have fun and the day after would be autograph signing! Last year we just stayed in the cruise doing autographs. There's a gallery below on the cruise last year and the current pics of the cruise now. So have fun guys! :))

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