So a summary of this year's lock-in. Let's just say it's...uhh...o-kay. So it all starts with the arm wrestle that u must know. Then, iCarly! So Sam and Carly did this awesome Botswanna stuff haha. but for some sort Sam was acting all weird but she feels like Sam! She wanted to help with our project. So the lock-in begins with Sam bringing food and made guacamole! And i didn't taste it cuz when i checked her mood, it was in love! So I went to Carly with her random project with Gibby. So she went to Sam but still didn't believe. So we talked about something about a barn. HAHA. So after we tried making Sam and Brad alone. Carly and Sam had a "little argument" so i went to Sam. I don't wanna say much. O_O and what if Carly sees this blog?! O_O

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