Lately, I'm seeing this cute guy named Steven. He's really romantic and funny. Do you think he's the one? After all these years of waiting...I just hope he does not collect any kind of stuff toy as a hobby or else I'll freak the freak out.

I'm going to see him around June. First week. Steven's parents are divorced. Quite sad, I know. He says he divides his time between the two of them who live here in Seattle and Los Angeles. I'm so pysched to see him in summer and go out on a date with him. He's like the perfect guy ever! What do you think, guys?

(After the iCarly-Victorious crossover episode, remember that the crossover took place first before the iOMG so we can go with the proper flow of the events. I hate it when Nickelodeon is messing up with the timeline.)

ICarlyShay 15:21, May 19, 2011 (UTC)