(Hey there. So being a fan of iCarly, I watch the show often. I always tune in to episodes and make sure I get to watch them on the internet (I'm living outside the continental state of America). As far as I have noticed, the show's being less funnier and is focusing so much on the ships, especially Seddie. We're already getting close to iGet A Hot Room's anniversary and still, Nickelodeon has given us only twelve or thirteen episodes, I think. I kind of miss the second season where comedy's the real focus and not the shipping. Not that I'm saying I don't like the show having shippings (I'm a Seddier)! It's just sometimes the characters are going totally out of character like Sam in iSell Penny Tees where she's all rude and mean to the children. And going back to iStart A Fanwar where the iCarly trio stated that the show is for comedy and not for shippings like that, I think it's all mixed up. However, I still have what Dan told us in his blog; that more than a half of us would be happy in the next episodes. And one more thing, I'm not really that disappointed in iSAFW because it still made me laugh.

What I'm trying to say is that the show is slowly losing its appeal to me and I want it to regain its own legacy. I hope everything smooths out when iLMM comes out in August. Or maybe my losing interest in the show is just because of the two months of no new iCarly episodes? What do you think?)

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