This is the current list of characters who roleplay iCarly.

Current Characters

Tumblr m1fztfSuYx1qgqmcu

The current iCarly cast in season 5, iApril Fools, with T-Bo.

Carly Shay (Moonyandpadfoot007)

Sam Puckett (Roxas82)

Freddie Benson (SeddieMeBadeFan the Gelo Fabian now)

Spencer Shay (Magicboots)

Gibby Gibson (TenCents)

Cort (Jennetteswagg)

Adam (HiRuKasumi)

Stacey Dillsen (ILoveSeddie1234321)

Brad (Itzxlucy)

Wendy (GallagherZammieBlackthorne)

Melanie Puckett (MaryanHPotterFan98)

Missy (Rachim)

The Idiot Farmgirl (Seddie Shipper)

Nevel Papperman (Amythest444)

George The Bra (Kittygirl7878)

Marissa Benson (Sunsummer7)

LeAnn Carter ( Sibuna_Forever)

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